Platform Integrity Monitoring

Operating platforms are continuously being pushed past their intended design life due to new recovery technologies and operator's increased focus on cutting costs. Pulse's Platform Integrity Monitoring system is designed to provide the information to support safe and efficient operations of offshore platforms.

There are a number of structural challenges associated with operating fixed platforms, from design (how the structure behaves in the environment) to the management of historical data (such as inspection history and repairs). On top of this, operators must adhere to industry regulations and design codes by demonstrating best practice when it comes to managing platform integrity. 

These issues have been exacerbated in recent years as the number of platforms operating past their design life has continued to rise. As platforms age, the likelihood of a structural failure increases, potentially resulting in costly production shutdowns or even posing risks to human life and the environment. 

Pulse's Platform Integrity Monitoring systems are designed to support safe and efficient operations of offshore platforms. Our bespoke monitoring systems are composed of accelerometers, strain sensors and environmental/ metocean sensors, providing key data on a number of different parameters. Real-time software provides instant integrity information on the platform and detailed data post processing can be used for in-depth analysis and reporting. 



- Enhanced safety: measuring platform natural frequency to provide instant warning of a structural failure

- Improved efficiency: optimising inspection and maintenance strategies

- Asset life extension: provides a robust case for extending the life of offshore platforms

- Design verification: gain a detailed understanding of platform response to the environment

- Proactive IM: adhere to industry regulations by demonstrating a proactive IM strategy


Why Pulse?

When it comes to structural monitoring offshore, Pulse is the go to provider for many of the worlds leading operators. We have provided platform integrity monitoring systems in a number of regions for major oil and gas companies. We use our extenisve track record since 1998 to ensure that we always deliver the right solution for our clients.