MARINEASSURE - Marine Vessel and Environmental Monitoring

MARINEASSURE is an integrated system of sensors and data acquisition for structural and environmental monitoring of offshore facilities.

Environmental conditions and platform motion affect exploration, drilling, and development operations of offshore floating facilities. In order to provide operational decision support, and validate design based on field data, we developed the MARINEASSURE™ monitoring system.

System Description
A MARINEASSURE package is a set of sensors and data acquisition system for structural and environmental monitoring of offshore facilities. The package is configured to meet operational and regulatory requirements. The monitoring equipment can be retrofitted to an existing offshore facility, or integrated into a new-build facility.

The measurement parameters for MARINEASSURE include:

  • Vessel Monitoring
  • Location (GPS and DGPS)
  • Vessel draft
  • 6-DOF motion (wave frequency)
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Air temperature and pressure
  • Ocean current speed and direction (ADCPs)
  • Wave height and direction

The package can be expanded to include other sensors as required including riser monitoring, mooring monitoring, ballast levels, engine room sensors etc. The data acquisition system is capable of collecting data from sensors as well as via Ethernet connection to monitor other processes.