Vessel, Platform and Mooring

Pulse's MARINEASSURE and MOORASSURE range are innovative and robust instruments & systems for vessel, platform and mooring monitoring.

Typical Uses Are:

Wellhead Fatigue Monitoring Assessment, Wellhead Integrity Monitoring, BOP Motion & Displacement, Riser Management System, Riser Integrity Monitoring System, Flexible Joint Angle Deflection, Riser VIV Monitoring, Subsea Structure Vibration, Mooring Line Monitoring, Subsea Pipeline VIV & FIV, Riser & Flowline Integrity Monitoring, Subsea Strain Sensing, Subsea Integrity Monitoring, Riser Integrity Management System, Riser Lifecyle Monitoring System, Offshore Structural Monitoring, Suction Pile Monitoring, Riser Tension Monitoring System, Real Time Integrity Monitoring System, Marine Riser Angle Monitoring System, Production Riser Monitoring, Loop Current Response Analysis, Inspection Maintenance Repair Tool (IMR)