INTEGRIpod - Subsea motion data logger

The INTEGRIpod is a motion sensor with integrated data logger for measuring the movement of subsea structures.

Deployment of loggers
The INTEGRIpod contains all electronics, batteries and sensors enclosed in a pressure rated and corrosion resistant casing. They can be deployed by diver or ROV.

The INTEGRIpod can be set up to communicate in the following ways

  • Standalone - to save data on to on-board memory for later retrieval to achieve off-line monitoring
  • Acoustic - to transmit data using a through water acoustic link to achieve real-time monitoring
  • Hardwired - to transmit data via umbilical to achieve real-time monitoring

System configuration
A wide range of configurations of the INTEGRIpod are available to meet specific requirements. However, there are a number of standard off-shelf configurations optimised to meet common applications. Typical applications for the INTEGRIpod™ include:

  • Vibration monitoring for risers, pipelines and subsea jumpers (VIV and flow-induced vibration)
  • Motion monitoring of subsea structures during installation
  • Inclination measurement of drilling riser and SCRs
  • Motion and tension monitoring of mooring lines