INTEGRIpod NXT - Next Generation Subsea Motion & Data Logging Sensor Platform

The INTEGRIpod NXT platform has been specifically developed to meet the needs of the offshore oil and gas industry in the current market; offering industry-leading features such as semi real-time acoustic capabilities, on board data processing, and extended life in excess of a year in a standard, modular format. Along with a range of new features, the new NXT platform supports the INTEGRIpod's impressive track record of reliability and robust performance, proved in millions of hours of successful ultra-deepwater subsea operations since the product range launched in 1998.

Wellhead Fatigue Monitoring Assessment
BOP Motion and Displacement
Flexible Joint Angle Deflection
Drilling and Production Riser Monitoring
Subsea Structures Vibration Monitoring
Mooring Line Monitoring
Subsea Pipeline FIV, VIV, and Span Monitoring

Tri Axial Acceleration
Tri Planar Angular Velocity
Linear Displacement
Static and Dynamic Inclination

 Product Features and Benefits

Semi Real-Time Acoustic Capabilities
The platform allows communication over various connectivity options in addition to the default standalone logging, including full compatibility with all major 3rd party acoustic transponders.

On Board 32-bit ARM™ Powered Data Processing
Smart processing provides statistical data in a format that adds immediate value to the Client (e.g. remaining fatigue life).

Low Power Consumption and Large Memory Capacity
Improved battery life and “Smart Threshold Detection Logging” leads to longer campaign lengths in excess of 1 year which enables lower installation and retrieval costs. The large memory capacity allows for continuous data collection through multiple monitoring campaigns.

External Sensor Connectivity Options
Seamless integration with Pulse’s patented INTEGRIstick and INTEGRIstrain direct strain sensing technologies in addition to 3rd party sensors (e.g. pressure or temperature).