FSHRASSURE - Free standing hybrid riser monitoring

The FSHRASSURE freestanding hybrid riser monitoring system is used to confirm the integrity of the buoyancy tanks that support freestanding hybrid risers, by measuring the up-thrust tension in the riser below the buoyancy tanks

System Description

For each riser, an INTEGRIcollar strain sensor is attached to the riser below the buoyancy tank and is connected to an INTEGRIpod data logger. Using the INTEGRIpod acoustic data linker, the tension data is periodically transmitted to a vessel-mounted acoustic receiver. The INTEGRIpod is connected to the INTEGRIcollar via an ROV connector and can be retrieved for battery change out and inspection.

The hull-mounted acoustic receivers are connected to an industrial rack-mounted data acquisition system located on the topside. The measurements from the various sensor locations are processed and the riser tensions displayed and compared with design targets. Where discrepancies in measurements exceed predefined limits, alarms are displayed.


  • ROV retrievable strain sensors
  • Buoyancy tank position measurement
  • Dynamic motion measurement
  • Riser base tension measurement
  • Riser base inclination measurement