FLEXASSURE - Flexible riser monitoring

The FLEXASSURE flexible riser monitoring system is used to confirm the integrity of the top section of flexible risers by detecting tension wire rupture, measuring top angle (tension) and motion.

System Description
On each riser, a diver installable INTEGRIpod is mounted below the bellmouth of the I-tube. The logger continuously measures motion, top angle and acoustic emission from armor wire rupture.

A second INTEGRIpod measuring motion and acoustic emission is mounted on the riser flange that is rigidly connected to the vessel structure.

This allows the difference in measurements across the bend stiffener to be determined. The two pods are hardwired to a topside data acquisition system.

The system can be interfaced to a global positioning system and satellite communication system. Software combines the signals from all the sensors and processes the data using algorithms to detect anomalies, armor wire rupture, VIV, excessive tension and presence of dangerous gases in the I-tube.


  • Motion sensor to detect VIV
  • GPS positioning
  • Sensors installed to detect gas content in the I-tube and on the riser vent valve