Wellhead Fatigue Monitoring

Longer and more complex offshore drilling and completion operations, using bigger and heavier equipment, has led to increasing concerns about fatigue loading on subsea wellhead and conductor systems.

Pulse provides a flexible approach to wellhead and conductor fatigue monitoring with instrumentation, installation, communication and data management all tailored to suit the requirement of a specific project.

 Typical System Components:

-LMRP/ BOP motion monitoring
-VIV monitoring along riser
-Vessel motion monitoring
-Environmental & metocean monitoring
-Data processing

Pulse ensures that our clients receive the required information from the measured data. From simple quality control to data analysis and fatigue calculations, Pulse provide vital operational insight to both offshore and onshore personnel.


-Improved confidence- understand fatigue damage on every well
-Remove conservative assumptions from analysis models

Why Pulse?

Pulse is the leading provider of wellhead and conductor fatigue monitoring systems. We understand the information that our offshore clients require, allowing us to provide the most suitable systems for every project. Our track record is unrivalled and we have equipment and personnel ready for deployment at any time.