Riser Management Systems

Used on drilling, completion and workover risers, the Pulse riser management system (RMS) enhances riser integrity by tracking historical riser performance and predicting behaviour in the environmental conditions.

 Typical System Components:

-Riser angle & strain
-Vessel position
-Hang-off analysis
-Riser joint fatigue tracking

The RMS is integrated with the rig control systems, providing real-time information to optimise riser handling during drilling, completion and workover operations. Fatigue information can be provided down to individual riser joints.


-Maximised operating window
-Riser stack-up optimization
-Improved understanding of riser behaviour

Why Pulse?

Pulse has an extensive track record of drilling, completion and workover riser monitoring, with systems installed on every type of MODU all over the world. Having been born out of 2H Offshore, we have an inherent understanding of risers and we understand how to provide our offshore clients with the critical data to support operations.