Successful completion of INTEGRIstick qualification on 30" OD pipe

Pulse's INTEGRIstick is an award-winning and cost effective bi-planar curvature monitoring sensor specifically designed for riser and pipeline fatigue monitoring where response is dominated by dynamic bending.

The INTEGRIstick was designed to be minimally intrusive and is typically retrofitted to pipes using straps or ROV deployable clamps to measure the pipe’s dynamic strain response in two planes for the life of the field in order to aid in asset life extension efforts.

The measured data can be processed and recorded using Pulse’s field proven INTEGRIpod™ NXT range of data loggers for real-time wirelessly communicated, measured strain data in addition to the onboard motion monitoring capabilities of the INTEGRIpod NXT.

The INTEGRIstick was recently specified to monitor a long span on one of the world’s biggest oil companies pipeline, created by a scarp crossing. The span is subjected to movement from sea currents, slugging, and vortex-induced vibrations (VIV), all of which contribute to shortened fatigue life. Pulse supplied (3) INTEGRIstick curvature sensor stations, with INTEGRIpod data loggers, which were retrofit via a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) on the top of the span to record curvature near critical welds.

The INTEGRIstick has a long and successful track record of being deployed on smaller diameter pipes. As part of the delivery for the project, the sensor underwent a qualification program to verify accuracy on a larger diameter pipe (30” OD). A purpose built 4-point bending rig was designed and commissioned to apply loads of up to 60 Tonne on each end of the pipe (11m in length, 30” OD, 1.5” WT). Dynamic loading was applied at frequencies between 0.02Hz to 0.1Hz to achieve required curvature amplitudes.

The pipe surface strain was measured by reference strain gauges which were bonded to the pipe’s steel surface. INTEGRIstick data was compared with the surface bonded strain gauges, and accuracies of ±6% were achieved for 90% of the samples (Maximum ±7.5% accuracy).

This subject will be covered at next week’s Oceanology International Conference at 11:45am on 16th March, Excel, London

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10 Mar 2016