OTC in Rio Focuses on Mooring Line Monitoring

The second biennial OTC Brasil event took place between 29th and 31st October in Rio de Janeiro. The event attracted oil and gas professionals from around the world to showcase and view the latest technologies for offshore energy exploration and development.

Pulse Structural Monitoring (Pulse) were asked to present as part of the ‘SURF and FPS integrity management’ session, showcasing the company’s extensive capabilities in monitoring mooring lines on floating facilities offshore. The paper looked at causes and mitigation of mooring line failure and focused on the Inter-M Pulse, a unique mooring line technology capable of measuring both mooring line angle and direct line tension.

Priscilla Elman, Pulse Country Manager for Brazil, said “The movement of the offshore oil and gas industry into deeper water and harsher environments has increased uncertainty in offshore operations. We are seeing a growing number of operators and vessel owners using mooring line monitoring to reduce this uncertainty and increase confidence throughout a vessels operational life”.

Read the full paper here

07 Nov 2013
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