Mission Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Delivering confidence to our offshore clients through the provision of monitoring services to enhance the safety and productivity of subsea assets and operations



The people of Pulse are responsible for the successes and teamwork is at the heart of this. Providing subsea monitoring services is challenging, fast paced and dynamic. The importance of working together to find solutions and being there for each other is critical. We need to encourage a sociable, open environment where people are approachable by everyone at every level.


Quality in everything we deliver is critical. Quality is everyone’s responsibility and the Pulse principles are:
• We promote a safe working environment for our all our people, customer and partners
• Pulse targets a zero failure rate for products and services delivered to our client
• We base our management decisions on a long-term philosophy even at the expense of short-term financial goals
• Continuously Solving Root Problems
• Go and see for yourself to thoroughly understand the situation
• Build a culture of stopping to fix problems


Providing high quality, technologically advanced solutions to our customer is challenging. At Pulse there is a high level of dedication and pride in what we do. People work together towards the common goal of delivering quality solutions to our customers on time At Pulse when we commit to something that is how we make it work.

Customer Focus

As a service company, we have exposure to the customer throughout the entire organisation. Whether this is installing systems offshore, integration testing in the workshop, working together on product development or supporting with data analysis…. it is essential we listen to the customer and develop and deliver solutions to their requirements.


The technology in the subsea monitoring sector is constantly evolving and it is essential that Pulse is continuously engineering new solutions to meet our customer’s requirements. Whether this is developing proprietary IP internally or leveraging proven technologies, we need to adopt fresh thinking and strive to innovate in everything we do.